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WHFF Virtual Events


The WHFF Virtual Year-Round screening series will run from October 2020 through May 2021 and will present independent films and special live events hosted on the online streaming platform on the first and third weekends of every month. Additional events may be added as well.

WHFF Virtual Screening events will be hosted online for a four-day viewing period and will also include a live Q&A or discussion with filmmakers scheduled virtually during the viewing period. The selections will include films from the Woods Hole Film Festival, as well as independent films curated specifically for the series.

Tickets are $14 per person, $12, for Woods Hole Film Festival members and are on sale in advance. (Prices for other special event screenings may differ.) Ticket purchasers will receive a custom link to view the film at home or on their mobile devices and will have 48 hours to complete watching the film once they begin playing it, or until midnight Eastern Time of the final day the film is available (usually Sunday), whichever comes first.


WIFVNE presents Iranian Filmmakers Showcase (FREE!)

Join Women in Film and Video New England in partnership with Women in Film and Television International and TCGT Entertainment, for an Iranian Filmmakers Showcase. In honor of International Women’s Week, this virtual event will amplify female voices and create a space for these challenging, moving, and evocative stories, told and created by Iranian women, to be shared and recognized. This three-hour event includes short film screenings and conversations with the filmmakers. (The ticket for the live Meet The Filmmakers discussion will be made available when you add the free screening ticket to your cart.)

Purchase a ticket. Receive a personal link.
Watch at home anytime between 8:00 am EST Thursday, March 10 through Friday, March 12 at noon EST.

Thursday, March 11, 12:00 p.m.:  Join the live Meet The Filmmakers discussion.

Virtual Group Watch: Start the films on Thursday, March 11 at 10:00 a.m. EST
Join the Q&A: 12:00 p.m. EST



Thursday, March 4 – Sunday, March 7, 2021


Presented in collaboration with the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative.

The Woods Hole Film Festival is pleased to continue the 2021 season series WHFF Virtual with the shorts program FAMILY VOICES. Featuring six short films by up and coming filmmakers, FAMILY VOICES offers snapshots of family life through the eyes of Black parents and children in recognition of the 2021 Black History Month theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. The Festival will host a live online line Q&A with the filmmakers on Saturday, March 6th at 7 pm EST. Films in the program include:

My Hero
Dramatic short by Logan Jackson • USA • 2020 • 13 mins.
As last-minute plans for a babysitter fall apart, eight-year-old Brandon is left alone to oversee his younger brother Mason.

Cotton Candy
Dramatic short by Fredgy Noël • USA • 2020 • 12 mins.
Age-old conflicts arise between two young entrepreneurs when they claim the same cotton candy route.

The Voicemail
Dramatic short by Kyle Solomon • USA • 2020 • 15 mins.
A missed call. A tired heart. Another earth-shattering day of being Black in America. “THE VOICEMAIL” explores the everyday traumas experienced by Black people in America, told from the perspective of a son who takes heed of his mother’s warning.

Grab My Hand: A Letter To My Dad
Animated short by Camrus Johnson & Pedro Piccinini • UK • 2019 • 6 mins.
Camrus Johnson’s gift to his grieving father and a message to all to cherish every second you have with loved ones while you still can.

Sundays At The Triple Nickel
Documentary short by Jess Colquhoun • USA • 2020 • 13 mins.
On Edgecombe Avenue in Sugar Hill, Harlem, Marjorie Eliot is making sure her apartment building’s iconic jazz legacy lives on. Marjorie and her son have been hosting jazz concerts in her apartment every Sunday for the past 26 years, a pursuit of overcoming grief through music.

The Heart Still Hums
Documentary short by Savanah Leaf & Taylor Russell • USA • 2020 • 29 mins.
Five women fight for their children through the cycle of homelessness, drug addictions and neglect from their own parents. Unique, yet undoubtedly familiar to many; a story on fear, sacrifice and the unconditional love between a mother and her children.

Saturday, March 6, 7:00 p.m.:  Join us for a “live” Q&A and discussion with the filmmakers. (Schedule subject to change.)

Thursday, February 25 – Sunday, February 28, 2021

NEVER TOO LATE: The Doc Severinsen Story

Documentary Feature by Kevin S. Bright & Jeff Consiglio, USA, 2020, 85 mins.

After three decades as the colorful bandleader to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, master trumpeter Doc Severinsen defies nature with a relentless schedule of touring, teaching and performing into his nineties. A beloved musical icon traces his groundbreaking career and personal trials underscoring a life of inspiration and obsession.

Purchase a ticket. Receive a personal link.
Watch at home anytime between Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, February 28. (USA only)

Saturday, February 27, 7:00 p.m.:  Join the “live” Zoom Q&A with Doc Severinsen and the filmmakers.

JANUARY 15-16, 2021


Documentary Feature by Ashley O’Shay USA, 2020, 86 mins. (subtitled)

The Woods Hole Film Festival and the Film Festival Alliance are excited to collaborate with Ashley O’Shay to present UNAPOLOGETIC as the first Film Festival Day of 2021. Film Festival Day unites independent film fans from around the country together for a virtual group screening and Q&A. Box office returns support both the filmmakers and the festivals who participate

Unapologetic captures a tense and polarizing moment in Chicago’s fight for the livelihood of its Black residents. The film follows Janaé and Bella, two young millennial organizers, as they work within the Movement for Black Lives to seek justice for Rekia Boyd and Laquan McDonald, two young Black people killed by Chicago police. They aim to elevate a progressive platform for criminal justice to a police board led by Mayor Lori Lightfoot and a complicit city administration, while also elevating leadership by women and femmes.

Saturday, January 16, 7:00 p.m.:  Join Director Ashley O’Shay for a “live” Q&A and discussion.


DECEMBER 10-13, 2020


Documentary Feature by Zach Carver • USA • 2020 • 90 min.

750 miles. Icy water. No motors. No support. Described as “the Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a Grizzly bear,” this epic endurance race attracts the intrepid and unhinged who find their edge along a coastline that is as punishing as it is beautiful.

Purchase a ticket. Receive a personal link.
Watch at home anytime between Thursday, December 10 at 8:00 a.m. EST and Sunday, December 13 at midnight EST.

Saturday, December 12, 7:00 p.m.:  Join Director Zach Carver and WHFF Executive Director Judy Laster for a “live” Q&A and discussion. (Schedule subject to change.)

Thursday, November 19 – Sunday, November 22

SEA SHORTS (76 mins.)

Presented in collaboration with the Woods Hole Yacht Club.

Head on out to sea with this compilation of short films from the 2020 Woods Hole Festival. The program will be available beginning at 8:00 am EST Thursday, November 19 until midnight Sunday November 22. Films in the program include:

CELESTIAL • 28 min. • USA • 2020
Short Documentary by Jack Gordon

• A group of students from Tabor Academy in Marion, MA use their knowledge of the forgotten art of celestial navigation in a prestigious sailing race to discover a pure form of sailing and a new connection to the sea.

SINGLEHANDED • 8 min. • USA • 2020
Short Documentary by Stash Wislocki

• Despite having no sailing experience, Dustin Reynolds sets out to become the first double amputee to sail around the world.

DIVERGENT WARMTH • 10 min. • USA • 2020
Short Narrative by Megan Lubetkin

• An exploratory descent to a divergent boundary in the deep submergence vehicle Alvin.

MY 25: THE OCEAN BETWEEN US  • 15 min. • UK • 2019
Short Documentary by Inka Cresswell

• An intimate story of how our oceans have changed during the lifetime of a 25-year-old marine biologist.

BEYOND THE GULF STREAM • 15 min. • USA • 2019
Short Documentary by Kyle Maddux-Lawrence

• Follow scientists as they try to understand how coastal waters interact with deep ocean waters at Cape Hatteras, NC.
Saturday, November 21, 7:00 p.m.:  Join us for a “live” Q&A and discussion with the filmmakers. (Schedule subject to change.)

SPOOKY SHORTS (90 mins.)

Thursday, October 29th through Sunday, November 1st

A compilation of scary, spooky, weird (and sometimes just a little twisted) short films from the past four festivals. The program will be available beginning at 8:00 am ET Thursday, October 29 until midnight Sunday November 1. Films in the program include:

Knock Knock (2019) by Alex Mancuso
  • A young woman attempts to find the source of a mysterious knocking in her room at night.
In The Mirrors (2020) by Merlin Camozzi
  • Clara discovers she has much bigger problems than a nerve-wracking meeting when her airbnb turns out to be haunted by invisible creatures.
Motel (2020) by Eric Ogden
  • Caitlin holes up in a secluded motel with her distressed younger sister.
motherhood (2020) by David Tyson Lam
  • When a woman desperate to connect with her husband is hindered by their unwanted child, dire consequences unfold.
Flesh & Blood (2017) by Merlin Camozzi
  • When a sweeping pandemic threatens to turn her father into a violent monster, 18 year-old Max must lead both him and her younger sister through a rugged wilderness in search of a cure.
Tomorrow (2019) by Karis Campbell
  • How will we think of yesterday when it becomes our tomorrow?
The Keeper (2020) by Bob Celli
  • A lonely widow and a lover of art meet at a speed dating event.

More TBA…










OCTOBER 15-18, 2020


Documentary Feature by Melissa Haizlip • USA • 2018 • 90 min.

Before Oprah, before Arsenio, there was Mr. SOUL. On the heels of the Civil Rights Movement, one fearless black pioneer reconceived a Harlem Renaissance for a new era, ushering giants and rising stars of black American culture onto the national television stage. He was hip. He was smart. He was innovative, political, and gay. In his personal fight for social equality, the man ensured the Revolution would be televised. He was Ellis Haizlip. The Revolution was SOUL.

From 1968 to 1973, the public television variety show SOUL!, guided by the enigmatic producer and host Ellis Haizlip, offered an unfiltered, uncompromising celebration of Black literature, poetry, music, and politics—voices that had few other options for national exposure, and, as a result, found the program an improbable place to call home.

The series was among the first to provide expanded images of African Americans on television, shifting the gaze from inner-city poverty and violence to the vibrancy of the Black Arts Movement. With participants’ recollections and a bevy of great archival clips, Mr. SOUL! captures a critical moment in culture whose impact continues to resonate.

Purchase a ticket. Receive a personal link.
Watch at home anytime between Thursday, October 15 at 8:00 a.m. EDT and Sunday, October 18 at midnight EDT.

Saturday, October 17, 7:00 p.m.:  Join Director Melissa Haizlip and WHFF Executive Director Judy Laster for a “live” Q&A and discussion.

Watch the trailer:


Thursday, October 1st through Sunday, October 4th
Live Virtual Filmmaker Q&A, Saturday, October 3rd, at 7 pm EDT

A compilation of award-winning short films 7 audience and jury favorites from the 29th Woods Hole Film Festival


Audience Award: Best Documentary Short
When Evan Bertrand was diagnosed with autism at eighteen months, doctors told his mother, Andrea, to go home and mourn the loss of a “normal child.” Instead, she and her son went on to discover his gift for music together. Twenty years later, Evan and Andrea are putting on the biggest concert of his life just as they are.
• Directed by Michael R. Faulkner, USA, 2019, 25 min.
Jury Award: Best Dramatic Short
A teen-in-need’s reluctant act of kindness toward a DeafBlind man becomes a night-long journey, creating a bond between them that gives the teen hope for the future.
• Directed by Doug Roland, USA, 2019, 18 min.
Audience Award: Best Animated Short & Jury Award: Best Animated Short
Camrus Johnson’s gift to his grieving father and a message to all to cherish every second you have with loved ones while you still can.
• Directed by Pedro Piccinini, Camrus Johnson, United Kingdom, 2019, 6 min.
Jury Award: Best Comedy Short
The night before his wedding, an underachiever receives the power to stop time, so he attempts to make major life changes his fiancé wants him to make, all before morning.
• Directed by Jim Jenkins, USA, 2020, 15 min.
Jury Award: Best Documentary Short & Directors’ Choice Award: Best Cinematography
Seven months pregnant and apprehensive of the effect motherhood would have on her career as a professional freediver, Kimi Werner takes a trip to the island of Jeju in South Korea to meet her heroes, the haenyeo – a group of freediving and fishing women often regarded as Korea’s first working mother’s, in order to find a deeper understanding of what it means to pass on her own legacy to her own child.
Directed by Nicole Gormley, USA, 2020, 13 min.
Directors’ Choice Awards: Best Performance (Bethany Blake) & Best Cinematography (Zeta Spyraki)
A young couple, grieving the loss of their son, reach a difficult point in their relationship as they both struggle to cope.
Directed by Andrew Paul Montague, United Kingdom, 2020, 18 min.
Audience Award: Best Dramatic Short
A boy with epilepsy is so desperate to feel like a regular kid, he goes to prom knowing that the lights will make him have a seizure.
Directed by Miles Levin, USA, 2020, 10 min.

Watch at home anytime between Thursday, October 1 at 8:00 a.m. EDT and Sunday, October 4 at midnight EDT.

Saturday, October 3, 7:00 p.m.:  Join the filmmakers for a “live” Q&A and discussion.