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2020 Documentary Features


Baato by Lucas Millard & Kate Stryker • USA/Nepal
Born Into The Gig by Kate Davis & David Heilbroner • USA
Bullied by Thomas Keith • USA
Current Sea by Christopher Smith • Cambodia
Decoding Watson by Mark Mannucci USA
Entangled by David Abel • USA
Finding Courage by Kay Rubacek • USA
Fish & Men by Darby Duffin & Adam Jones • USA
From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock: A Reporter’s Journey by Kevin McKiernan • USA
Life in Synchro by Angela Pinaglia • USA
Love & Stuff by Judith Helfand • USA
Mayor by David Osit • USA
Medicating Normal by Lynn Cunningham & Wendy Ractliffe • USA
Microplastic Madness by Atsuko Quirk & Debby Lee Cohen • USA
Money Machine by Ram Denison • USA
No Fear No Favor by Mirra Bank • USA
Picture of His Life by Yonatan Nir & Dani Menkin • USA
Public Trust by David Garrett Byars • USA
Raise Your Voice by Maribeth Romslo • USA
Represent by Hillary Bachelder • USA
Sheep Hero by Ton van Zantvoort • The Netherlands
Shoot To Marry by Steve Markle • Canada
Somewhere With No Bridges by Charles Frank • USA
The Book Makers by James Kennard • USA
The Disrupted by Sarah Colt & Josh Gleason • USA
The Reunited States by Ben Rekhi • USA
Warrior Women by Christina D. King & Elizabeth A. Castle • USA
Where Is Nancy? by Thiago DaDalt • USA
Youngstown U.S.A. (aka The Place That Makes Us) by Karla Murthy • USA

The Woods Hole Film Festival will take place (virtually) from Saturday, July 25th through Saturday, August 1st. Stay tuned for the schedule of Q&As, workshops, panel discussions and other events.