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2020 Comedy Shorts

1-1 by Naures Sager • Sweden
Bliss Is Orange by Jenna Kanell • USA
Blocks by Bridget Moloney • USA
Boys & Toys by Kevin P. Alexander • USA
Champagne & Cyanide by Li Hagman Schmalenbach • Sweden
Circus Act by Penny Penniston • USA
Coffee Shop Names by Deepak Sethi • USA
Cotton Candy by Fredgy Noël • USA
Deceased Ones by Kate Hopkins • USA
Drinking for Two by Nate Richman & Kyle Trainor • USA
Duel by Mark Kiefer • USA
Eat the Rainbow by Brian C Benson • USA
End-O by Alice Seabright • United Kingdom
Freeze by Maya Albanese • USA
Gamp by Rachel Wolther • USA
Grapefruit by Zach Bell • USA
Have Wine, Will Travel by Joe Pezzula • USA
High Card by Conner Keesling • USA
I Can Change by Jim Jenkins • USA
Island Queen by Zackary Grady & Jenn Harris • USA
Litany for Mister President by Christopher Meyers • USA
Matriarch by Julia Keelan Angley • USA
My Dinner With Werner by Maverick Moore • USA
Rigor Mortis by Charles Kinnane • USA
Stalling It by Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward • United Kingdom
Steve of the Antarctic by Clem McIntosh & Edan Lacey • Antarctica
The Beez & The Chickadeez by Chris Milton • USA
The Reveal by Chloe Lanier & Kevan McClellan • USA
The Ultimate (by Lou Fescano) by Daniel Jaffe • USA
The Woodpecker by Courtney Bush, Will Carington & Jake Goicoechea • USA
They Won’t Last by Portlynn Tagavi • USA
Tired Eyes by Ryan Martin Brown • USA
Unholy ‘Mole by David Bornstein • USA
White Guys Solve Sexism by Christopher Guerrero • US

The Woods Hole Film Festival will take place (virtually) from Saturday, July 25th through Saturday, August 1st. Stay tuned for the schedule of Q&As, workshops, panel discussions and other events.