The Tentacle
The 28th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival

2018 Short Films

The Woods Hole Film Festival is proud to present the short films for the 27th Woods Hole Film Festival.
The lineup includes 17 World premieres, 41 New England premieres and 30 Massachusetts premieres.

Shorts – Dramatic:
Ablution by Omar Al Dakheel • USA
Apples & Oranges by Ryan Buffa • USA
Bad Things by Mira K. Lippold-Johnson • USA
Between Us by Paul Pryce & Hyojin Park • USA
Black and White by Mahmoud Sakr • Egypt
Bodies of Water by David Lykes Keenan • USA
Candice by Alexei Slater • United Kingdom
Casualties by Holly Voges • USA
Cells by Raymond Wood • USA
Chandler by Julia Kennelly • USA
City by Sandra Boynton • USA
Close to Home by Willy Oakes • USA
Coming of Age by Doug Tompos • USA
Crescent by Edward Worthy • USA
Custom Order by Will Lowell • USA
Discharge by Max Philisaire • USA
Diwa by Aina Dumlao • USA
Do No Harm by Marielle Woods • USA
Don’t Be Afraid by Lakshmi Devy • USA
Extent by Paul Michael Draper • USA
Four Keys by Israel Brooks • USA
Good Morning by Elaine Mongeon • USA
Grounded by John Bruner • USA
Heimlich by Lisanne Sartor • USA
Hold the Night by Kevin Tadge • USA
Homemade Friend by Peter Harrison • USA
In Between by Michael Perl • USA
It’s Just a Gun by John Sayage • USA
Je Suis (i am) by Faith Strongheart • USA
June by Huay-Bing Law • USA
Last Night in Town by Anja Paul • USA
Lily ‘n’ Rose by Sheryl Glubok • USA
Loser Leaves Town by Eric Johnson • USA
Lovers by Frederic Donner • USA
Mission to Mars by George Andrew Pasles • USA
Night Call by Amanda Renee Knox • USA
Nights of Autumn by Majestic Tillman • USA
Ode to the Singing Butler by Jake Weinstein • USA
Oksijan by Edward Watts • United Kingdom
Old Habits by Sophie Ellsberg • USA
Ortega River Rats by Grace Herzog Bryan • USA
Rex by Andy Kastelic • USA
Rosario by Marlén Ríos-Farjat • Mexico
Ruxi: The Road to Slavery by Hendrik Ehlers • United Kingdom
Safe Space by Adam Gregory Smith • United Kingdom
Silenced by Amy Tuxworth • Australia
Sliding Away by Bob Findlay • Canada
Space Girls by Carys Watford • United Kingdom
Spell by Kurt Gerber • USA
Stealing Silver by Dom Santry • United Kingdom
The Dollmaker by Al Lougher • USA
The Future is Bright by Courtney Faye Powell • USA
The Hike by Ben Silberfarb • USA
The Invaders by Mateo Marquez • USA
The Lightkeeper by Zach Bandler • USA
Time Can Break Your Heart by Paul Schwartz • USA
Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times by Marcus Markou • United Kingdom
War Torn by Carl Hansen • USA
Whirlpool by Kate Baxter & Elizabeth Dixon • United Kingdom
Who Decides by Mylissa Fitzsimmons • USA
WoodMan by Avi Glanzer • Canada

Shorts – Animated:
Dr. Mantis: Insect Analyst by Gary Grant • USA
Fishy by Joseph Sulsenti • USA
For a Better Life by Yasmin Mistry • USA
Goose in High Heels by John R. Dilworth • USA
I Still Love You by Eduardo Juarez Jr. & Jose E. Juarez • USA
Liberty and Justice: A Cautionary Tale in the Land of the Free • USA
Ontario, Quebec & Me by Richard O’Connor • USA
Oyez Court: A Finish Man by Hedi McLaughlin • USA
Pour 585 by Patrick Smith • USA
Proxy by Haidi Marburger & Nina Hoffmann • Switzerland
Reanimation! Science Conversations about Frankenstein by Nadja Oertelt & Harriet Bailey • USA
The Buddy Bench by James Beak, Peter D. Cureau & H. Russell Wilks • USA
The Elephant’s Song by Lynn Tomlinson • USA
The Modern Lives by Bill Plympton • USA
The Noise of Licking by Nadja Andrasev • Hungary
Tyrannosaurus Funk by Sandra Boynton • USA
Your Letter by Jake Armstrong • USA

Shorts – Documentary:
¡Hola Kitty! by Daniel Queiroz Burity • USA
Big Elvis by Paul Stone • USA
Creating Creators by Heather Fischer • USA
Edward Hopper & Marshall’s House by Bob Burnett • USA
Everything Connects by Dylan D’Haeze • USA
Felix by Allison Otto • USA
For The Love of the Reef by Alan Franks • USA
Gathering of Eagles by Darrell Hartman • USA
Hidden Blueprints: The Story of Mikey by Jeremy Lee MacKenzie • USA
How We Roll: The Last Milers by Maryanne Galvin • USA
Keeper by Marnie Crawford Samuelson, Shane Hofeldt • USA
Lichen by Sally Warring • USA
Little Fiel by Irina Patkanian • USA
Lotte that Silhouette Girl by Elizabeth Beecherl & Carla Patullo • USA
Marine Animal Interactions by Robert A. S. Suntay • Philippines
My Fear by Manfred Lopez Grem • Mexico
Permafrost Now by Stash Wislocki • USA
The Driver is Red by Randall Christopher • USA
Unteachable by Anthony Sherin • USA

Shorts – Comedy:
An Alien Walks Into A Bar by Eli Bildner • USA
Bullies by Daniel Bydlowski • USA
C. A. T. by Sandra Boynton • USA
Gloria Talks Funny by Kendall Goldberg • USA
Hair Wolf by Mariama Diallo • USA
Internet Gangsters by Eddie Alfano • USA
Only A Movie by Teddy Cecil • USA
Pickle by Grant Moore • USA
Pie by Adria Tennor • USA
Rag Dolls by Kristin Schaack & Justin Schaack • USA
The Adventures of Penny Patterson by Stephanie Donnelly  USA
The PA Stays in the Picture by Claire Dub & Arielle Apfel     USA
The Wedding Scene by Savannah Kopp • USA
To Life by Diane Dresback • USA
To the Editor: Consider Crows’ Point of View by Matthew Sandager • USA
Wendy by Michael Oshins • USA