The Tentacle
The 28th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival

2018 Panels, Workshops, Master Classes

The panels, workshops and master classes offer a great opportunity to learn at the Festival.

Sunday, July 29, 12:30 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Meet the Programmers

Given the proliferation of independent filmmakers and film festivals in recent years, the role of a festival programmer has become increasingly important in the lifecycle of a film. Who are these people and how did they learn to do what they do? Join us for a discussion and casual conversation with programmers from many different film festivals throughout the US. Presented by the Film Festival Alliance.

Sunday, July 29, 2 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Everyone’s a Critic – The Role of the Film Critic in a Changing Media Landscape (Panel Discussion)

Join film critics Tim Miller, The Cape Cod Times, Ty Burr, The Boston Globe, Allyson Johnson, The, Tom Meek, Boston Society of Film Critics, and Valerie Complex, freelance writer for an in depth look at what it means to be a film critic in a changing media landscape. With the changes in how people receive news, watch films, communicate with each other and the many different outlets for sharing information who is the audience for newspaper film critic? Are people motivated by a review? Given the ever-shortening windows for a film’s release, how should filmmakers work with critics to get their film seen and reviewed? This panel will provide fascinating insight into the inner workings of a newsroom.


Thursday, August 2, 11 am • Woods Hole Community Hall
The Role of Visual Effects in Science Focused Films

With a career that spans 38 years (Titanic, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Rush Hour 3, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Simpsons, Birdman) , multi Emmy award winning visual effects supervisor and artist  Adam Howard is regarded as an accomplished visual magician, supervising and creating high end visual effects, animation and design work for the film and television industry in the USA, Australia and around the world. Now residing on Cape Cod, Adam will talk about the role of visual effects in science focused films and how the visual effects artists work to make themselves invisible.

Thursday, August 2, 2 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Science and Storytelling – The Intersection of Storytelling, Filmmaking and Social Impact (Panel Discussion)

Science and Storytelling – The Intersection of Storytelling, Filmmaking and Social Impact. Inspired by The GroundTruth Project’s multi-year, multi-media reporting “Living Proof: The Human Impacts of Climate Change” and WHOI scientific work, our Science & Storytelling panel explores the intersection of storytelling, filmmaking and social impact. What role do storytellers have in transforming and crystallizing the conversation around climate change? What can scientists and storytellers learn from each other?  How is impact achieved? Join GroundTruth editor Marissa Miley, filmmaker Beth Murphy, WHOI scientist Dr. Ken Buesseler and The Fledgling Fund’s Sheila Leddy for this discussion.

  • Length: 90 minutes

This program will feature 4 Short Climate Films:

  • Asthma Alley – A teenage girl in the South Bronx finds hope in music when air pollution and climate change collide to make it hard for her to breathe.
  • Our Radioactive Oceans –WHOI’s Dr. Ken Buesseler sounds the alarm: Lessons from Fukushima take us back to the legacy of the Marshall Islands nuclear testing and point to an America ill-prepared for nuclear disaster.
  • Afghanistan’s Secret Weapon –Farmers and families grappling with drought find an unlikely solution to their crisis: girls’ education.
    Climate for Conflict –investigates how climate change is a catalyst for conflict in Somalia and will intensify the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty, and migration.

Friday, August 3, 2 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
In Focus: Secret Life of Muslims – An Emmy Award winning series of short form, first person documentary films


Friday, August 3, 4 pm • Woods Hole Community Hall
Thriving in Independent Film: There has never been a better time to be a filmmaker (Panel Discussion)

With more tools, more opportunities to get your work seen and fewer barriers to entry, now is a great time to be an independent filmmaker. Join Women and Film and Video New England and the Woods Hole Film Festival for a panel discussion to learn about the spotlight filmmakers are enjoying as they work on short form storytelling, mobile filmmaking  or reaching a wider audience through a smaller screen. If you understand the path to take, you too can thrive as a filmmaker in ways that were never possible before. The panelists will discuss possibilities, opportunities and what the the life of a filmmaker looks look like in today’s storytelling landscape. Presented with Women in Film and Video New England

Master Class
Monday, July 30, 11 am • Woods Hole Community Hall
The Challenges, Joys and Pitfalls of Making Films About Musicians, with John Edginton, 2018 Filmmaker In Residence

John will give a frank behind-the-scenes examination of the process at play behind making music documentaries. He will discuss how commercial and other interests can sometimes work to undermine the filmmaker’s vision and the strategies he adopts to try and overcome these problems. Topics will include: the importance of uncovering the emotional journey of the artist and showing how it connects to the musical journey; how to compress an artist’s long career into a 90-minutes film without sacrificing depth and complexity; the art of creating a coherent narrative from multiple sources, such as archival film, still photographs, interviews and music. He will draw on his experiences making films about Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett (with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason); Robyn Hitchcock (with Nick Lowe, Gillian Welch, Peter Buck of REM); Genesis (with Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett); Joe Cocker (with Rita Coolidge, Randy Newman, Jimmy Webb, Billy Joel).