The Tentacle
The 28th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival

2016 Screenplay Competition Awards

2016 Screenplay Competition

Feature Drama

Winner: Redbone by Ned Eckhardt

1st Runner-up: Libertaire by Elizabeth Indianos

2nd Runner-up: First Person Shooter by D.C. Sayre

Honorable Mentions

Never Been Born – Adria Tennor

Flame Among the Ashes – Conor Eck

Hick – Marianna Moneymaker


Feature Comedy

Winner: How To Be A Canadian by Kenny Stevenson

1st Runner Up: Blossom’s Tale by Thomas Tosi

2nd Runner Up: Hard Candy Christmas by Nick Abdo

Honorable Mentions

Vacation in Paradox by Emily Russell

Stoners vs. Vampire by Stuart Creque


Short Comedy

Winner: Twirling at Ole Miss by John Matthew Tyson

1st Runner Up: The Preachers Stare in Times Square by Harry Sedon

2nd Runner Up: Symposium by Tom Grady

Honorable Mentions

Shanked by John Busch

Sunny and the Seal by Jake Teeny


Short Drama

Winner: Public Pool by Nicole Teeny

1st Runner Up: Sweetpickles’ Rattlesnake Rodeo by Mark Flake

2nd Runner Up: Life Time by Nir Shelter