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The 28th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival
Film and Science Initiative

    Film and Science Initiative

    In 2019, the Festival will formally launch the Woods Hole Film Festival Film and Science Initiative. The goal of the Initiative is to provide opportunities to connect filmmakers and scientists to help them create films and other visual media that improve the public’s understanding of ocean science.

    The programs will include: Bringing Science to the Screen; Science and Storytelling; the Film Incubator; and the Filmmaker Intensive.

    Anne Cohen is a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she studies the impact of climate change on corals. Through her research, she and her team have discovered that some coral populations appear to be withstanding heatwaves that cause other corals to bleach and die. Called “Super Reefs”, these corals are of great scientific and conservation interest because they have potential to survive ocean warming and produce larvae that can help to regrow reefs devastated by climate change.

    So far, just a handful of Super Reefs have been discovered but there are more.  Anne and her team are working to locate them and provide coral reef nations with the information needed to incorporate Super Reefs into Marine Protected Areas to maximize their chances of survival.  Through her scientific research she is working to understand what makes reefs “Super”.

    It is this scientific understanding that will provide the best chance to locate and save the reefs.

    The short film Super Reefs: The Future of Coral tells the story of Anne Cohen’s science and is the first project produced under the auspices of the new Woods Hole Film Festival Film and Science Initiative. This film was produced in conjunction with Boston’s Northern Light Productions with funding from the Atlantic Donor Advised Fund and will premiere in spring 2019.

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