Saturday, July 26 through Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
Woods Hole Film Festival The 23rd Annual Woods Hole Film Festival
Woods Hole Film Festival The 23rd Annual Woods Hole Film Festival
OvationTix - 23rd Annual Woods Hole Film Festival
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Woods Hole Film Festival Special Event 2009

Woods Hole Film Festival Kickoff, Sunday, June 28th – a very special evening





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PRINCIPLE PICTURES was founded by BETH MURPHY in 2000 to create feature documentary films, TV series’, books and photography exhibits in order to connect with audiences in meaningful and personal ways.  Their goal is to give voice to the voiceless, raise awareness about important social issues and inspire education and action through entertainment. Beth will discuss and show excerpts from her most recent film THE PROMISE OF FREEDOM, a feature documentary that exposes the long-term human consequences of war and raises questions about loyalty, betrayal, friendship, patriotism and the ability of America to uphold its own values.                                                                                                                                        Sponsored by the